HOW TO PLAY: Think of a number between 1 and 1000. The computer has 10 chances to guess the number you are thinking of. All you have to do is give it clues by indicating if your number is higher or lower than its guess, then tell it if it got it right! No cheating (the computer will know)!

This is another game created for the Udemy course Learn to Code by Making GamesIt's almost perfect! I wrestled with the code to make it as watertight as I can. However, one bug persists where sometimes the computer guesses a number it has guessed before. I'm moving onto the next project now!

EDIT: I believe the game is now fixed. If anyone can find a bug with the code then they shall receive the grand reward of!.. a special mention in the comments :)

Development log


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Introduce what the game is at the start or in your description, I didn't know the AI would guess MY number. I like the idea though.

Noted! Thanks for stopping by and having a play :)